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The idea for a beam gun was scrapped because it would've made the game too easy—Mario could just run and mow down everything in his path. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Nintendo couldn't get the licensing rightshowever, so Miyamoto had to create a slate of new characters.

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And it didn't disappoint. The game wasn't simply for longtime, hardcore fans and the speed-running community, but for younger folks itching to play their first real Mario game. These menus are also supported by the touch screen in undocked mode, which was surely deliberate in connecting those dots.

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I was over at Destructoid and I seen this College Humor video and thought I would share it's extremeness with you guys. The video is basically Super Mario Bros. Hope you guys enjoy the video like I did.

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The most ambitious of the three games, and as a result the one with the most problems. This tries to be a remake of Super Mario Bros. The designers at Hudson seem intent on punishing you for playing it in the same way as the original Super Mario Bros. It was presumably to appeal to computer owners who wanted to enjoy what their console-owning friends were playing, so the utterly absurd and at times surreal design changes would have alienated anyone expecting a true Mario game.

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But there are other games in the Mario series that never left Japan, and some of them are rather good. I'm going to cover the three Mario titles by Hudson Soft, all released across a variety of Japanese home computers. There's never been an official explanation as to why or how Hudson acquired the licence to work with Nintendo's most cherished intellectual properties - presumably Nintendo wanted to profit from the computer market in Japan and decided to let a more experienced company deal with development.

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Handheld gaming is more than a compromise of power and portability. In a world where high resolutions and teraflops reign supreme, we take a look at a portable relic every month and reflect on what makes it memorable. Be warned, spoilers may occasionally populate these articles.

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Nintendo's big holiday Wii game might be the best thing going for it since Wii Sports. This holiday season, amid an economy that's still in the tank, game companies are stingier with their first-party release schedule. In fact, each of the Big Three Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo are only targeting one or two games for their systems before Christmas.

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Super Mario Hardcore is a flash game created in by an author named Casualty. It is based on levels of Super Mario World but it adds the ability to shoot with firearms and to use a melee weapon in combat, other than stomping enemies. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Finally, this hidden gem has a shot at getting the exposure it deserves. Intro music by NORM. Follow xerxes and HG on Twitter.

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Watching games, I've learnt approximately ten years after everyone else, can be just as rewarding as playing them, something that's clearer than ever in the Switch edition of New Super Mario Bros U. This new collection, which bundles together the game alongside its follow-up New Super Luigi U, is the latest of Nintendo's efforts to get the Wii U back catalogue, overlooked by many, onto the Switch and if anyone over at Nintendo is reading, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Pikmin 3 next please. It's an obvious choice for a revisit, a platformer of the highest pedigree that's undoubtedly the peak of the New Super Mario Bros series.


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